Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mohna Lisa Couture - Elena

Guess who has a bunch of new releases out? Still guessing? Here's a hint, check the title. It's Mohna Lisa Couture! Hot off the heels of the grand opening of the new main store location, a truck load of new designs are waiting for you to purchase. Today I'll be showing you Elena, a great look for a club, an event or just when you want to look sexy.

This puts a new spin on the "little black dress" notion. A sleek and elegant one shouldered dress with shimmering sleeves and a belted accent finished off with black gloves. You will be styling and catching all eyes! Not to mention the skirt has two options. The one in this picture is the sleeker model, mini-skirt style.

And this is the ruffled skirt option. I enjoy this one a lot, I like the texture it adds to the bottom of the dress. Since it's all black the mix of textures helps a lot. The sleeves are also part of it I like, they're poofy yet don't look goofy. Hey...look at that, I rhymed! This dress is great at being understated and yet being a show stopper at the same time. You can also dress it up or down a bit depending on what you wear with it. As you can see with my hair style from Magika, I went with a bit of edge to it.

And here is a great close up shot of these amazing shoes by Mary Jane Shoes. This style is called Attitude Zebra, great design and peek-a-boo toes, HUD controlled of course. I love the shoes at this store, I work there as a model and just get a kick (pun intended) out of being able to showcase such great footwear!

Beautiful, right? I'm wearing one of my favorite HOX shapes, I love how cute it makes my face and eyes. As I mentioned earlier, this hair is from Magika. Bright red color is a special for the Japanese relief effort. Make up is by Lovely Mi, a big fan of eye lace. Necklace is from Finesmith.

Outfit - Mohna Lisa Couture

Shoes - Mary Jane Shoes

Necklace - Finesmith

Hair - Magika

Shape - HOX

Make Up - Lovely Mi


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