Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chichi Mai Hot Red Kimono Combi

So right off the heels of my last post about the Japanese relief efforts, I'm going to show you all a kimono! Ironic much? Great timing honestly. I was given the chance to review this great outfit by Chichi of London and I LOVE kimonos so of course, I had to do it. So to follow the theme of Japan here is my review of Chichi Mai Hot Red Kimono Combi.

Now you might say "Kimono? It's too short!" Well there is the beauty of this look! You get two looks for one. This part is the short, Harajuku style skirt. Very sexy, cute and fun to wear. Great stockings and boots you can wear with this look and the hip sunglasses also are part of this outfit. Yes, you get a WHOLE look here folks.

Here is the long skirt look for you guys. The tradition kimono look with a lovely sash, this is the red bow option. I do love the pattern on this look. If you like red then you will enjoy this. It's a very subdued yet beautiful shade of red with an ornate oriental pattern.

Here you get to see the actual obi option with this look. There are so many ways you wear this outfit depending on your mood and style. You can also see the geta that come with it as well. That's right, two different shoe options ladies! Wear it a bit traditional or modern and sexy, totally up to you.

To make this even more of an amazing moment you get the HAIR as well. This lovely, long black braided style comes with the whole outfit as well as the hair flower option. The skin is from Style by Kira, skin is named Tomoko and it's the Fantasy 01G style. Beautiful cherry blossom tree over the right eye. Nails are of course by Finesmith.

Outfit - Chichi of London

Skin - Style by Kira

Nails - Finesmith


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