Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sakura Dreams for Japan

Wow! Time flies doesn't it? So my last post mentioning the relief efforts in Japan was actually a big hit, and I'm glad. I also had a chance to finally visit the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser event, or PCF for short. Now, I will be honest it can be a bit laggy at times so be warned. But it is so worth the trip. You're donating to charity PLUS you get amazing items as well. Clothes, jewelry, shapes, skins, make-ups, furniture...lots of options. I, personally, went for items that truly felt Japanese to me...things that I could look at and in my heart know it was inspired by the land of rising sun. I also shopped on a budget.

Cherry blossoms are of course, Japanese. My favorite color is pink so it works perfectly well for me. I can wear them anytime, any place and also help the cause. I picked up these great shoes from the PCF, only $25L from duh! and they look great. Lovely white high heels with sakura blossoms on the top. The tights are free at Curious Kitties.

I picked up this lovely skirt at PCF as well, it's by Vanitas Vesture. It came in different colors, however I liked the pink one best. The lilac top is from Phoenix Rising. Oh, and do you like my shape? I've always wanted a cute Asian look and I picked this up at PCF. It's a shaped called Yoko made by Di's Opera. $250L, a lil costly to me but it was for a good cause and I liked the shape a lot. Which is saying something since I usually do not change shapes.

My beautiful skin is from Curious Kitties and it's FREE, it has a sakura design on the right eye area, comes in many tones. Hair is by Exile and available at PCF in four colors. The nom is by Crushed Violets, only $99L at the relief event and very lovely as well. Nails from Virtual Insanity and the bracelets by FuaFua, all in theme for this look and for spring time.

Skirt - Vanitas Vesture - (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser exclusive)

Blouse - Phoenix Rising

Stockings - Curious Kitties - (FREE)

Shoes - duh! - (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser exclusive)

Bracelet - FuaFua

Earrings - CoLLisions - (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser exclusive)

Hair - Exile - (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser exclusive)

Skin - Curious Kitties - (FREE)

Shape - Di's Opera - (Pacific Relief exclusive)

Nails - Virtual Insanity


Nom - Crushed Violets - (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser exclusive)


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