Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Date

So it's the weekend and it's time to go out, a date perhaps. Or maybe a fund raising event, store opening, concert...the point is you need something to wear! But what, what colors, what style, so many choices! How about the "little black dress" option? But which one? Well VERO MODERO offers you this choice for your closet, a great dressed called Puma.

This bold dress is a statement peace. Nothing crazy out avante garde but attention catching none the less. The great shoulder piece will bring eyes to your beautiful face and then when they move lower they will see everything else you have to offer. Lovely ruffled accents as the dress hugs at your form. I mixed in gold jewelry from Eye Candy and wearing sexy black nails from Virtual Insanity.

Went with a sexy up-do so nothing clashed with the look of the dress. It's by Ali & Ali and in my color, blond! The angelic look on my face is thanks to FACES Studios, a great new skin called Rosabelle. If you're looking for a lovely and realistic look I suggest picking it up.


Jewelry - Eye Candy

Hair - Ali & Ali

Skin - FACES Studios

Nails & Eye Jewels - Virtual Insanity



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