Thursday, March 17, 2011

LoveCats - Limerick

I guess you could say this is the look that started it all, that made me feel a lil festive and decide to blog about St. Patrick's Day from a fashion stand point. This is of course Limerick from LoveCats, a brand new release for the ladies. There is also a male version out there so drag you guys down to get it so you two can match. Very neko and very sexy plus very festive.

You get everything you see with this outfit. The tail, ears, boots and the shamrocks covering my special parts. It also comes with a modesty option, top and shorts. But I don't come on Second Life to be modest so full view of my boobs you shall receive!

What doesn't come with the outfit is, of course, the hair. It's from Magika and a special color available for the relief efforts in Japan. I just LOVE the red hair on St. Paddy's Day. The little guy on my shoulders is from Nymph Couture, they also made the shamrock nom in my mouth. Tattoo is FREE from Para Designs.

Outfit - LoveCats

Hair - Magika

Jewelry -Virtual Insanity

Nom & Shoulder Buddy - Nymph Couture

Tattoo - Para Designs

Eyes - 90 Degrees


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