Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Curious Kitties - Ladybugs and Honeybees

Once again I have the chance to feature Curious Kitties in my blog and once again I am over joyed. Being in the model world of SL I usually have to run around like an amazon, dress in fancy gowns, wear hair the defies gravity and such. But me? I like to be a neko, dress relaxed and fun. And even deeper than that, I LOVE the adorable fashion styles from Japanese designers on Second Life. Also so smooth, airy and fresh feeling. *C:K* is one of my favorite spots to pick up such great styles.

One of the best parts about Curious Kitties is their mix of that soft Japanese design style with a modern feel. The colors are bold and powerful and the styles range from street casual to downright fantasy. My offerings to you is a peek at some of their new releases. Two adorable hoodies, one patterned after a honeybee and the other one a ladybug.

These are not your mother's hoodies! These are adorable, fashionable and will catch attention if worn. I ran around in them for a while while taking pictures and doing my usual SL business. I got a lot of compliments and all well deserved. These are high qualities pieces of clothing with perfect prim parts.

As you can see the hoods go up or down by HUD control so you can change up your look. They also have cute wings on the back as well befitting the bugs they represent. Attention to detail all over with each spot and stripe, not to mention the bows on them. You have a full look here, just add pants and shoes. The pants I wore are from Curious Kitties as well and are a free group gift.

Not to mention you can also pick up matching eyes! Ladybug and honeybee eyes are also for sale from *C:K* so you can totally match. The honeybee eyes come in four different colors; green, yellow, orange and blue. Each option gives a haunted yet doll look to them, I truly love it honestly. The eyes complete the look so you must pick them up as well...I command it! Hahaha

Take a look at these ladybug eyes, they actually have matching spots on them! Can you believe that? Amazing attention to detail I didn't even notice at first. When I zoomed in for a shot I was like...whoah! It took me by surprise in a good way. There are also four options for the ladybug eyes; confused, dazed, glossy and crazed. I'm also wearing a Curious Kitties skin because, to me, they are the best to wear with their clothes to complete that porcelain doll look.

Hoodies - Curious Kitties - $270L

Pants - Curious Kitties - FREE group gift

Skin - Curious Kitties - Past freebie

Hair - Curious Kitties

Eyes - Curious Kitties - $100L each or $350L for the fat pack.

Face Paint - Atooly

Nails - Virtual Insanity


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