Monday, March 28, 2011

VERO MODERO - Chic Top Plaid

Taking it simple with a great casual look this time. VERO MODERO is not only skilled in providing evening gowns but also lovely outfits for anytime or day of the week. Going plaid today here and in red looking both sexy and yet very relaxed. Amazing attention to detail with this in the top and jeans, love the stitching on the pants.

These are great, comfortable capri length jeans so I jazzed up my feet with bright red shoes from Maitreya to match the top and such. They go great with this outfit and even though it's a casual look added style and flair to it. Of course, high heels can turn anything magical. This outfit makes me want to walk on the beach, do heels do well in the sand?

Those sexy shades come with the package guys so don't fret, they'll keep the SL sun out of your virtual eyes. My beautiful red hair comes from Simply Britnee, a newer release called Charo. It's a very fun style and goes well on my shoulders for this styling. Glam Affair is to thank for the skin, I do love bright red lips with a pale tone on the flesh, very classic.


Shoes - Maitreya

Hair - Simply Britnee

Skin - Glam Affair


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