Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I LoVe Japan

So unless you've been living under a rock or have no access to modern media (which means you wouldn't even be reading this post...but yeah) you must know about the Tsunami that recently hit Japan. I've always been a fan of Japan and wanted to visit and of course I love me some anime and video games. Just a fan of Asian culture in general even if I don't express it much on SL. Well everyone and their mom on SL is pulling together some sort of sale or benefit for Japan, even Linden Labs is selling exclusive teddy bears and the proceeds go to the American Red Cross. Now of course I'm not the most social conscious person and do feel if people want to really help donating directly to the Red Cross or even going there to lend a hand would be best but we all can't do that so every little cent to donate can help, just make sure it's legit and the money is going where needs to go!

Amongst all the many relief related items out there on SL I found a great outfit pack from 90 Degrees along with this amazing hair from Magika. Why do I rave? Because they're both only $50L and they both rock! So if you want to support Japan or not, you'll get your hands on some amazing items none the less. The outfit pack comes with two looks. The first one you see is the dress. Love the white sequin accented with red, much like the Japanese flag itself. Great if you have a relief event to go to and can't afford a couture gown.

Not much into dresses? Well you also get this shirt and pants set as well. A much more literal expression of the Japanese flag on the shirt (which is what drew me to it) and the pants are a dark blue with a red wash to them. Sexy city! Support Japan but still look good.

Like the shirt? Fear not men, 90 Degrees also offers a male outfit pack for only $50L. I just didn't show it off since...well I'm a lady! The stickers on my face also come with this outfit, they match the shirt. I wanted to show them to you but since they're a tattoo layer it meant taking off the lipstick by Curio. The pale skin from Heartsick I felt went lovely with the shocking red hair but it needed some red lips to match up, hence the lipstick. Oh, notice anything different about the hair? Magika also offers a mirror option when you pick up the hair so the bangs can be on either side.

And that about says it all. The great necklace is from Lolapop by the way. Also wearing nails from Finesmith, new release no less and shoes from Kiwi. Black beaded bracelet is from LoveCats and the other bracelet from Sole so you too and pull together this look, or change it up. I'd also like to point out this hair style is one of FOUR available from Magika for the relief effort, all are $50L. This one just happened to be my favorite.

Outfits - 90 Degrees   ($50L for BOTH looks together)

Hair - Magika ($50L and 100% of it goes to relief efforts)

Shoes - Kiwi

Necklace - Lolapop

Bracelet (r) - LoveCats

Bracelet (l) - Sole

Skin - Heartsick

Lipstick - Curio

Nails - Finesmith


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