Thursday, March 17, 2011

BedlaM - St. Patrick's Day

After all that blogging it's time to go to the pub and relax! Check out this ultra casual look by BedlaM for the holiday. Green, sexy and full of attitiude. Now I might not be the biggest fan of baggie pants but this look really does work on me. Shockingly enough I don't run around in couture gowns all the time, I really enjoy dressing down mostly. This outfit is great for that and is only $99L, wow!

Everything you see, you get. Save for the hair, tattoo and jewelry. Pants, shoes, top and even the cute hat. It's a total packaged look for a very affordable price. It's green and in the theme for the holiday, plus without the hat you could wear this year round too! Best in Green contest anyone?

Oh yes, the sunglasses come with it too. I love how the hair is almost the same color as the shade of orange in the Irish flag! Like the necklace? Special mention! It was totally FREE. I was looking around for a good pub and ended up at The Blanrey Stone and they had a box of St. Patrick's Day freebies. I picked it up just to see what was in it and this cute shamrock choker was inside, not to mention a flag to old and some other items!

Outfit - BedlaM - ($99L)

Hair - trico

Jewelry -Virtual Insanity

Earrings - Earthstone

Tattoo - Para Designs

Eyes - 90 Degrees


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